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Colorado's Premier VR Studio 



Since opening our doors in 2016, we have become the leading VR production company in Colorado. We create VR/AR/Mobile content and applications for Enterprise, Education, Healthcare, and NGOs. We specialize in immersive productions for remote sales/marketing, learning, training/education as well as healthcare/wellness for patient care. 

We have the technical expertise and superior customer support to bring your ideas to life!




What we do:

We create  custom VR and AR content productions, software development, and mobile applications. We provide end-end solutions including hardware and support. 

Why we do it: 

By delivering immersive and interactive photo-real experiences in VR, we are providing essential remote capabilities for sales/marking, education/training, as well as patient healthcare and well being. 

How we help you succeed:
We take the hassle out of adopting new technology. In addition to content are software, we offer a service that includes content updates, hardware, training and technical support.

Products & Services




We are driven by the vision of using AR & VR technology to improve the world, as a tool to reduce suffering and increase wellness. 


VR is so much more than gaming and entertainment. We have spent the last 3+ years learning, listening, and understanding where this technology has the potential to benefit society the most. One area of tremendous growth and impressive research is VR in healthcare, both in physical and mental health. 

In 2019 Reality Garage launched Realty for Health, a new division that focuses on using VR as a tool to improve patient wellness by reducing anxiety, enhancing patient engagement in neurorehabilitation therapy as well as improving the experience of healthcare providers.

We are partnering with a local hospital and research university to develop custom VR for patients with Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury. In addition, we have partnered with a local nonprofit, Imagine!, to develop a vocational training experience for individuals with cognitive disabilities using Error-less Learning to increase independence and reduce errors in the workplace.


We create custom VR experiences for patients 

with Spinal Cord Injury & Traumatic Brain Injury, specifically for patients in  

neuro-rehabilitation and physical therapy.


Additional Applications:

Pain Management, 

Patient Education

Interactive VR, AR, VR Video, Graphics, Integration with PT equipment, support for AI


Our Reality For Health Products and Services includes a turn-key delivery system and support services, simplifying 

deployment of VR & AR in healthcare.


Our interactive vocational training experience is designed to help individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities gain the skills they need to live more independently. 

Our Work


With over 40 VR productions, as well as AR and 3D mobile apps, we have the workflow and expertise to create your custom production. We blend output from VR cameras with computer generated graphics to create engaging and magical experiences. 


Reality Garage has provided in-person training for a variety of organizations, including schools and private companies wanting to create their own VR. 


Our customers range from large enterprise corporations, to small non-profit organizations. 

Why customers choose Reality Garage:
  • We have years of experience creating VR/AR content and apps

  • We provide excellent customer service

  • Using Human-Centered Design approach we develop solutions that work for you

  • We are a purpose-driven company with a clear vision of using VR for good

  • We have expertise in 360 content creation coupled with a strong software engineering development team

  • We have an established workflow and software development platform that streamlines new productions

“We’ve been working with Reality Garage for several years now. They pioneered the Festival’s landmark Virtual Reality Pavilion at Galvanize and have worked with us ever since to make it better and better each year attracting a diverse range of attendees. They’ve advised our founders and staff, led trainings for volunteers, and in the larger sense made it possible for the Boulder International Film Festival to provide innovative experiences for thousands of patrons. They and their staff are highly skilled experts in developing and deploying this technology. I highly recommend Reality Garage as a responsible partner and feel that their insights into the medium would be extraordinary in a health care application. -  Kevin Smith Executive Producer Boulder International Film Festival 
“As a business associate of Reality Garage, I have known and worked with them for 3 years during the definition and creation phase of their custom Virtual Reality (VR) content and applications for immersive therapeutic applications. I have first hand experience with their productions and deployed their VR solutions; I’ve witnessed and have been energized by their enthusiasm for novel applications using emerging technology for good; and know they have the passion and expertise in hardware and software development to do great things.”  - Jamie Hurt, Owner ThunderFish Studios
“As a customer of Reality Garage, we have worked with them in definition and creation phase of their custom content and applications. We have first-hand use of their productions and deployed their solutions with our customers.”  - Trip Uhalt, Multimedia Manager, Cave of the Winds Mountain Park
"I have worked with Reality Garage and their custom content and applications for over three years. I have first-hand use of their VR content and applications, and their deployments of VR with the public. Reality Garage has made it possible for Denver Film to bring a multitude of VR experiences to the general public for free to showcase the amazing work throughout the industry. We believe that VR content and applications are a key driver of content for the future and without Reality Garage we would not be able to share this work on the scale that we do to the Denver community and beyond." - Kevin Smith,  Director of Marketing & Partnerships Denver Film & Denver Film Festival
“Boulder Community Media (BCM) has been collaborating with the Reality Garage for a couple years on two virtual reality projects. BCM has worked with them in definition and creation phase of their custom content and applications... keenly aware of the power of VR as a new immersive medium, and can attest to its ability to engage users" - Alan O'Hashi, Director and Producer
“Visitors are totally awed by the adventure-based VR experiences and are transported to a new environment in a moment.”       - Emily Zinn, Curator of Education, Museum of Boulder
"Reality Garage has been an outstanding partner. Their after-release support, creative delivery and rapid roll-out schedules have made VR a guest favorite at both of our locations. I highly recommend their services."   - Ben Theune, Director of Marketing, Wings Over the Rockies​

But don't just take it from us, our customers say it best: 

Who we've worked with:
Annotation 2019-12-11 163242_edited.png


At Reality Garage we believe in engaging our community through creative and positive VR experiences. We have sponsored numerous events and film festivals, provided educational services to libraries and local schools. We also have a VR Lounge in the Pearl Street mall that is open to the public.


We have proudly provided roughly 50K in pro-bono work for a variety of nonprofit organizations focused on homelessness, wildlife protection, STEM education, and natural disaster relief. 



See what we've been up to!



Reality Garage brings VR to the IAEM (International Association of Emergency Management) & Homeland Security Expo - Savannah, GA. (Nov 2019)

Medica World Forum

Medica World Forum

Medica - World Forum for Medicine. Reality Garage receives STEP grant to attend Medica as a delegate with Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. (Nov 2019)



Reality Garage brings its latest VR experiences to TedxMileHigh. (Nov 2019)

Tech Accelerator

Tech Accelerator

Colorado Small Business Development Center Tech Venture Accelerator Completed Fall 2019

Denver Film Festival 2019

Denver Film Festival 2019

Reality Garage Sponsors the Denver Film Festival VR Pavilion 2019

Coleman Conference

Coleman Conference

Coleman Conference on Cognitive Disability and Technology Presentation by Reality Garage and Imagine! "Vocational Training Through VR" -showcasing the VR Vocational Training experience created by Reality Garage for Imagine!

Denver Post Article 2019

Denver Post Article 2019

Article highlighting VR and Reality Garage's work with local museums and film festivals (Oct 13, 2019)

VR & Behavioral Healthcare Symposiu

VR & Behavioral Healthcare Symposiu

Reality Garage showcases their Vocational Training Experience



Reality Garage brings its latest VR experiences to TedxMileHigh (June 2019)

BIFF 2019

BIFF 2019

Reality Garage sponsors the Boulder International Film Festival XR Pavilion 2019 Reality Garage cofounder featured on interactive panel: "Story telling in Virtual Reality"

Denver Film Festival 2018

Denver Film Festival 2018

Reality Garage Sponsors Denver Film Festival VR Pavilion 2018



Reality Garage brings its latest VR experiences to TedxMileHigh. (Dec 2018)

PAWS Conference

PAWS Conference

Reality Garage cofounder presents: “Confronting Captivity Through Education and Technology”



Brenda Lee presents on panel: "Learning and Training with Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality"

BIFF 2018

BIFF 2018

Reality Garage Sponsors the Boulder International Film Festival VR Pavilion 2018 and showcases their Wildlife VR Experience

Denver Film Festival

Denver Film Festival

Reality Garage Sponsors Denver Film Festival VR Pavilion 2017

AVX Expo

AVX Expo

Reality Garage showcases latest VR, 3 years in a row: 2017, 2018 & 2019 Reality Garage Cofounders present: "Exploring Reality Through VR and AR"(2018)

BIFF 2017

BIFF 2017

Reality Garage sponsors the Boulder International Film Festival VR Pavilion 2017 Reality Garage cofounder featured on interactive VR panel



Robert Ottinger, CTO Reality Garage, presents on two panels: "Virtual Reality is bits not atoms" & "The Ghosts of VR- past, Present and Future

Boulder Adventure Film Festival

Boulder Adventure Film Festival

Reality Garage Showcases VR Adventure Series (2017)

About Us


DSC_0101 (1).JPG
Brenda Lee - CEO
Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 10.55.06

Reality Garage was founded in 2016 by Brenda Lee and Bob Ottinger.

Since the start, Reality Garage has been creating VR content and custom software with the intention of making the world a better place.


Brenda Lee, CEO, has a bachelors degree in Applied Math and a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is a natural problem-solver and has always focused her attention on using technology to improve the lives of others. Having founded a local nonprofit, she is known in the conservation community for her success in protecting black bears in the city of Boulder Colorado. Brenda brings her years of work experience and compassion to advance the use of VR and AR for improving the lives of people as well as wildlife. 

Bob Ottinger, CTO, has a bachelors degree in computer science and has extensive experience in managing projects involving hardware and software integration. A natural innovator, with strong leadership skills, Bob thrives in bringing this emerging technology to life.  

Robert Ottinger - CTO
Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 10.55.06


Screenshot 2021-01-11 090338.jpg



but we're still in Boulder, so feel free to stop by, say hello and check out our portfolio of work!

3080 Valmont Rd, STE 246

Boulder, CO. 80301


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