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Common VR Cameras and Stitching Software

Insta360 One X2

The Insta360 One X2 is my current favorite monoscopic VR action camera.

Great software and support, great video quality 

insta360OneX2 (2).jpg

The GoPro Max is a newer version of the GoPro Fusion. They have very similar specs, but the max comes with a display. The fusion is still for sale on some sites, and is about half the cost - so I would lean towards this camera on a budget. Either camera is a great camera that shoots 360 degree 5K monoscopic video and pictures at 30 fps, and the stabilization is fantastic!  It is simple to use with a typical gopro buttons and menus,. We have found this to be an excellent VR action camera, particularly where stereoscopic is not important. It is also great for capturing time lapse scenes. Some tips and tricks for use: 

  • The tripod that comes with the camera is not much use. Buy a good mono pod.

  • In order to take 360 pictures without you being in the picture when you press the button, you will need to use the phone app or you can set the camera to time lapse mode for time lapse of 10 seconds, and then initiate the time lapse with a button press. 

  • Since there are only two lenses, avoiding stitch lines is easy to manage, just avoid having your content focus areas located at the edges of the camera.

Insta360 Pro 2

We have 2 of the Insta360 Pro (1) cameras. They are a great workhorse for creating super immersive stereoscopic VR. We have not yet purchased the Pro 2 version, but we're sure it would be a solid return on the investment. There are really no other cameras that can match features and quality for the price. Many more cameras with similar features and quality cost at least 2X if not more. 

Vuze 3D and XR Cameras

Does not get much simpler to use than these cameras! They are rugged and produce good results with proper attention to stitch line issues and scene composition. The audio is great, and for scenarios where you have control of the scene and can keep the scene focus area away from the stitch zones, then these are great cameras.

  • To capture videos with the Vuze camera, turn on the camera by pressing the power button and waiting until the blinking blue power light turns solid. 
    Hit the record button to record, hit it again to stop recording. 

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